' Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food '


At Hemp Bar we believe in the power of the Cannabis plant to feed, heal and clothe one another.

We are a Bay Area collective of patient members who promote Hemp and Medical Cannabis education and awareness in the community. We strongly advocate a responsible approach to medicating by providing consistent dosage with clear labeling on our packaging, while providing good nutrition to fellow patients.


Hemp Bar joins nutritious Hemp and Medical Cannabis together in a tasty healthy granola bar. Our ingredients are 100% organic, all natural and gluten free. Hemp hearts, hemp seeds, peanuts, coconut and flax give Hemp Bar an unrivaled amino and fatty acid profile. Each Hemp Bar contains 460mg of Omega 3 and 879mg of Omega 6. We feel Hemp Bar is the most nutritious medicated edible available today. Potency analysis tested and measured dosage ensures patients get consistency in medicine. We use a low temperature process to make a "Whole Plant" extraction in order to give patients medicine in a more intact form compared to highly baked edibles. This method helps keep the nutritional value intact as well. Hemp Bar contains 5 grams of protein per bar and is also packed with medium chain triglycerides, in short this means readily available energy from good for you fats as well as rapid absorption of medicine.